Minneapolis Tennis League

Rochester Tennis League

The league was created with an intention to connect local recreational tennis players  looking to play organized tennis regularly. It's an independent league not associated with USTA. 


We accept players of all levels who are over 18 y/o.  Sessions are generally 7 weeks long. MTL has  a  flexible scheduling format. Participants are scheduled to  play one match each week. They have 7 days to get in touch with their opponent, arrange when/where they want to play, complete their match and report it to a league organizer by each Monday night. Matches not completed by the deadlines are recorded forfeits or DNP  (did not play). Please refer to the rules section of this site for more details. 


We are looking for players who can commit to our schedule and rules. MTL members join the league with a serious intention to play one match each week. They expect new players to be flexible enough to schedule matches consistently, and keep up with the schedule. Players need to have good and timely email or phone communication with each other.  We strongly advise new players not to sign up if they are not sure they can follow our schedule, or if they are looking to play occasionally. It is very important to be flexible and available enough during the week. If you are only available one or two days each week it probably won't be enough. 
Most matches are played after 5pm during the workweek and any time over the weekends. 

The signup is always for one session at a time.   We have a new signup before each session (each session is 7 weeks long) 

Players get in touch by email or phone. We recommend using an email account that you check frequently and that you can check from home.

If you want to join  or  have additional questions please email us.





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